Magnum Ice Cream

new in the market, magnum, ice cream, belgian chocolate

Everyone in the blogosphere and twitter-sphere has been talking about this new form of heaven! Magnum which is made with Belgian Chocolate. Who does not love chocolate? So what makes this piece of heaven a total treat? The 80 gram ice cream contains a smooth vanilla ice cream covered in a thick cracking rich chocolate! OMG! You don't get this from any other brand made locally! 

Magnum is owned by a Dutch/British Unilever company and sold as part of their Heartbrand line of products. These were sold to different parts of the globe offering different varieties. Now it reached the Philippines! Everyone was raving about it.
new in the market, magnum, ice cream, belgian chocolate
Hello there, lover! ♥
We went to seek our pleasure and decided to have our hunt. Mission accomplished on our first stop at Robinson's Supermarket located in Tamiya. Upon our arrival, saw this just next to the entrance!Who was I to miss this?

I was expecting to find the Chocolate Truffle however they only had Almonds and Classic available. Had to buy both for reference and for reasons. :P These cost Php50 a pop! A bit steep for a ice cream bar however it was truly a delectable piece of heavenly goodness! :tup

new in the market, magnum, ice cream, belgian chocolate

What I thought about the pops were how they didn't seem to sweat when you open the pack. Most cold bars  sweat at this humid weather. These however seemed to keep its cool. Yes, pun was totally intended! I hope you saw what I did there! :P

new in the market, magnum, ice cream, belgian chocolate
Can you hear what I hear?! YES! It surely cracked!

The chocolate covering was really thick and that was a big plus here on this uber tropical country!  Gave it a bite and boy, did it felt like dying and going to heaven and back. If heaven tasted this good, I might not want to come back! After what seemed like an eternity, the whole thing vanished to thin air. Ha! Will have another one soon. I just need it for reasons. ;) 

By the way, I visited their website and they have new products available. They have mini pleasures already however they do not have this here in Cebu. A new variety has been released as well like Mint and  Mocchacino! Currently they have Classic, Almond and Truffles. Each unique and each a wonderful treat! Go treat yourself! Enjoy the royal treatment! You know you deserve it! :)


  1. wa pa jud ko katilaw ani! perme ra mahutdan akong palitan.

  2. Yeah, that's what I heard sad! Blockbuster kaayo!


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