Kart Zone Cebu

I bought vouchers from Ensogo for when I saw there was a discounted price for an 8-lap go karting at Kart Zone Cebu. I have always wanted to do this and it would be nice to drive on my own. The good thing about vouchers is that the validity is longer than usual.I bought it last December and it lasts until April. So, when my cousin decided to come over for a day I thought we'd go over and use this as well. 

In order to use the vouchers, you need to contact them a day before and there are only a few times you can use them. In this case, you can only redeem them between 10-2 pm or 7-9pm. We choose the latter for we had to go zip-lining first. I saved almost Php600 for the whole thing! Oh yay! Savings! ;)

We needed to get oriented with the things you need to know about driving and the rules you need to abide. The film was brief and easy to remember. I was uber excited to drive on my own! Whoohooo! :P

All I paid was Php100 for the balaclava, the head cloth you need to wear before you put on the helmet! It smells good too! They make sure to clean this before anyone uses it. Keeping it hygienic! 

We left wanting more speed! Damn, the exhilaration and adrenaline you get when driving fast car. This is surely something you'd like to do for a change of pace. See what I did there? ;)

Kart Zone Cebu
F. Cabahug Street, Brgy. Kasambagan, Cebu City
Contact Number: (032) 268-2553


  1. Fun! I bought the same voucher too but haven't used it yet. Glad you had a blast! :-)

  2. Oh yay for vouchers! It's really a great experience! Invite your competitive friends that way you are compelled to step it up a bit! :)


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