Jonie's Sizzlers & Roast

Jonie's has always been a staple for me. I always make it a point to visit when I can. That was when I was still in Butuan where we have few options for dining out. That was also way back when I was still at school.

What I loved about their meals way back then was that it was really cheap and satisfying! Gone are my white uniforms and white stockings and say hello to Jonie's Sizzlers and Roast in J Centre.

#032eatdrink, food, cebu, roast chicken, fastfood

This is our lunch break after the Zipline experience in Papa Kit's and this would be a whole new experience for me. We went there with our tummy's grumbling and hoped this would be a good. 

We ordered the half chicken with rice meal with pancit canton and a 1.5L of Sprite. They have a new set of options and they do not have a menu to view the dishes. It wasn't that hard to choose specially when you are hungry! The wait was definitely over and the first concern was, we do not have enough rice! Eventually we went back to order some more. Damn, rice eaters we are! :P

#032eatdrink, food, cebu, roast chicken, fastfood
Little Miss Cashier hiding behind the counter. :P

#032eatdrink, food, cebu, roast chicken, fastfood
Half Chicken Meal with 4 cups of plain rice at Php399.
The chicken tasted really good, not as much as the Savory Chicken one however it was good enough for me. The pancit canton was a bit salty yet it was oddly good. :o

#032eatdrink, food, cebu, roast chicken, fastfood

They have this appetizer/dessert which tasted like fish crackers however there was a little problem. There was a piece of stainless screen or whatever it was. I am certain that it does not belong there. Anyway, the meal was satisfying. 

Jonie's Sizzlers and Roast
2nd Level J Centre Mall
Bakilid, Mandaue City

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