Classic Savory

After what seemed like forever, we finally decided to visit Classic Savory in SM Cebu. The place was really nice. They can cater to almost 50 guests and the ambiance was really great. They even have old photos of previous branches in Manila carefully laid out on their walls as decor.

We wanted to try the Classic E-meals or the budget meals. I could not afford to go all out for this cause payday will come a few more days from now. This was supposed to be a birthday celebration for my cousin yet she had other plans. We still went though and we we're really hungry.

When we were ushered to our table there was also ready a menu and I immediately went to check. My hunger will never forgive me if food will take forever! I noticed they did not have the e-meals on the big menu and I only had a meager amount with me. I asked the kind waitstaff for the budget meal menu and she gave me this laminated copy. I didn't realize ordering food was that easy! We ordered the #2 and #5. 
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The place was sort of a fine dining area, they have a wide variety of food! They even cater to large parties with their catering services! And they sell pancit sa bilao in three sizes. Quite affordable if you ask me. 
#032eatdrink, food, cebu, fastfood
They have two of these. Lovely, yes? I am a sucker for old black & white photos. :P
#032eatdrink, food, cebu, fastfood
Was I excited to see the fresh greens that came along with my meal! The rice was bigger than the usual carenderya served size. They even have their own gravy recipe, not the rich, thick KFC type. When I decided that the photos were good enough I started to eat the food. OMG! The vegetable were truly divine! Crunchy, fresh and a lot of serving! This is the Php99 meal mind you and they did not even scrimp on the portions! Let's move on to the chicken. I never really thought that I would love this one so much! The taste and texture was truly heavenly! Even without the gravy, the chicken definitely can stand on it's own! I was in chicken savory heaven! 

#032eatdrink, food, cebu, fastfood
The long life pancit was also delicious! They truly give you your money's worth. I was happy as a clam when we left! When we came, there were not that much people waiting and when we left there were a lot of guests happy with the food they are indulging. Next time, we might get to choose from the bigger menu already! Next time! :P

Classic Savory
2nd Floor SM City

Business Hours: Daily 10AM-9PM
Contact Number: 0917-584-7157


  1. Hi!

    Thanks for sharing this, we had been eyeing this resto kaso we are apprehensive baka we can't afford. At least naa diay silay budget meals :) Quick question, walay pay apil ang drinks sa inyo set #2 and #5?


  2. @Penfires: Thanks for dropping by. Yes, you get a glass of houseblend ice tea with the meal. :)

  3. Hi zhequia, thanks for that heads-up! yey! abi nako sa drinks sila mobawi hehehe. Hopefully soon I can go there and try out Savory =)


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