La Marea

We were window shoe shopping in SM when I found this small kiosk of the growing trend of warm brownie cups in town.

#032eatdrink, food, cebu, fastfood, pastries, pastry shop

#032eatdrink, food, cebu, fastfood, pastries, pastry shopThe long wait is over. Here is the piece of heaven. Warm microwaved brownie topped with cold vanilla ice cream and some chocolate nonpareils.
Wow! I was really hoping I chose the best one, they have other variations. They have Peanut Butter and also Yema, decided to go with the Tsokolate (Tableya) instead. Went to Food Court and devoured the warm brownie cup. 

The vanilla ice cream wasn't really that much creamy, I think they had the healthier type of ice cream. At first bite, it was really great. After that, I noticed the odd texture. There was a sort of texture problem. It felt dense. I am not sure if I like it. After each bite I was overwhelmed with that thought already and decided that maybe I wasn't just used to having this type of brownie. It wasn't that bad and I am sure as hell that I have had better. 

#032eatdrink, food, cebu, fastfood, pastries, pastry shop
The warm brownie cup is a new twist to the ordinary brownie presentation. For a small price of Php95 you can get your saccharine fill. :)

According to the lady at the counter, it was only a franchise and you can always visit La Marea on one of their branches. 


  1. I remember when their warm brownie cup used to cost around 60, then every time I visit the price increases by 5 pesos hahahah :)) And now it's up to 95 pesos! Whoa. Now, I'm not too mad about it.

  2. @Mustachio - I didn't really like it that much. I have a thing for foods with odd textures.


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