ginabot, #032eatdrink, food, cebu street foodCebu never fails to satisfy one's hunger. I have always loved street foods and yes I am about to share you the best ginabot in town. Ginabot is a local version of chicharon bulaklak. This is made from pig intestines which is salted, dried and then deep-fried in super hot oil until it flowers up hence the name chicharon bulaklak.  The dish is considered as one of the best-tasting street foods here in Cebu.

Heading out to the nearest pungko-pungko (a small, cramped space where people slouch to eat) near JY Square in Lahug, we went to this mini elf vehicle that has food! Woooohow! A roving ginabot machine! :)

This is the place you should go if you are a bit low on moolah and wanted to eat more than you can chew then this would be your best bet! They are open I think at around 8pm and they usually park the vehicle near the Latter Day Church.

What's on the menu,  you ask? Everything fried is what you get. Also they have boiled eggs. :)

ginabot, #032eatdrink, food, cebu street food

ginabot, #032eatdrink, food, cebu street food

We went in for the kill. Ginabot, be very afraid! They serve the dish over a plastic covered plate with chopped onions. Onions are best with spicy vinegar.

ginabot, #032eatdrink, food, cebu street food

Boy oh boy! Who doesn't love this piece of hypertension?!

ginabot, #032eatdrink, food, cebu street food

The aftermath?

How much we paid? Php150 for two. The ginabot was only Php40 a piece. It is truly humongous and you would want to stop yourself from ordering again! 


  1. Drool! But then highblood is lurking just around the corner! Hehehe :))

  2. A little indulgence doesn't hurt at all! :)

  3. you should try eating pungko2x near the sampaguita suites or near redemptorist church...apart from the fact that jy is nowhere close to the above mentioned places, the pungko2x in jy is also expensive...

    1. I keep forgetting to post the pungko2 in Sampaguita Suites. This post is waaay to old aswell and you are certainly correct the JY location is expensive and currently non-existent.


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