ANTHILL is primarily a fabric gallery featuring a wide array of special high-end imported fabrics and intricate weaves of indigenous fabrics. It will house unique and limited collections of fine prints, unconventional patterns, interesting textures, extra ordinary cottons, beaded laces, and hand loomed fabrics all one of a kind, exclusive and tailor fit to the fashion taste and preference of every shopper. Regular bridals and formal materials will also be made available. Basic and common fabrics will come right in handy to supplement and coordinate the client’s distinctive picks. Textiles will be sourced all over Asia and from weaving villages all over the country among hill tribes. 
Ant-infested hill welcomes guests and visitors.
ANTHILL Fabric Gallery is a the first creative social enterprise and a lifestyle store in the Metro bringing into one nest ingenuity, fashion, culture, advocacy and art.  
It was fabric Mecca! My jaw dropped in awe when I saw the wide array of textiles just like what you see in Project Runway. :P 

Here are the photos of the interiors:

Cute indigenous trinket.

OMG! Textile heaven!
I wanted to live here!
The cutest chair I have ever seen! I want this for reasons! :)

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