D' Original Razon's

We went to Razon's for what seemed like the 3rd time since they opened in Mandaue. It was one of those days when you just crave for their yummy halo-halo! I wondered why the weather lately has been totally scorching! It's almost Christmas and we have days like it was Summer?!  Decided to go the 20 minute ride to Razon's to quench this craving!

The place was not as packed as I thought it would be at noon. There were quite a few people enjoying their halo-halo and I was looking forward for mine. :)

I was also hungry so I decided to have the Sisig Meal and Febbe had the Double Burger Steak. I am a huge fan of Sisig and was really anticipating for my sizzling plate. 

Family Portrait way back 1950s

You also get a brief history of how they came to be one of the most successful food franchise in the Philippines. 

The food came and boy I did not receive mine! What part of  "Sisig Meal ako 'te." Yes, I did not get my meal, I had to share the Double Burger Steak with my companion. What a bummer! I was too hungry and was not willing to wait for a few more minutes. 

The patty was not really impressive, it had the same taste with the patty on their burgers. Should it always be the case? You tell me. This plate costs Php 85.

The photo may not have given enough justice to the best halo-halo ever! I think it is! It never fails to make my day. Loved the combination of macapuno, ube, milk, sugar and yes really fine ice topped with a few slices of leche flan. This piece of heaven costs Php 69.

I will totally come back for the halo-halo than for any other reason.


2/5 Goes to the Double Burger Meal
5/5 For the yummy halo-halo. :b

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