Carlo's Batchoy

I had my first batchoy last year around this time. It was rather good and I heard this establishment makes the best one in town. So, I thought maybe this was the best tastes like. I was never a fan of batchoy but it sure was great. Fast forward to this year, we tried the Mandaue Highway branch.

Click to view. :P
The menu is on the wall near the cashier. You get to stand for a minute or two as you think of what to have for dinner. Well, that's what I did. I wanted the meal combo they offer. So I decided to have the Chopsuey combo meal which includes the vegies, lumpia, a cup of rice and a glass of iced tea. :) My friend had the Special Batchoy minus the egg as she diagnosed herself as allergic to them. She even had siopao. :P

My meal arrived on a plastic plate. It didn't look that bad, it reminded me of karenderya food. The kind that you point from the stalls and gets served on a small saucer. I eat first with my eyes, so yes presentation is truly important. The taste was a bit bland yet the vegies were really crunchy so I liked them a lot. It seemed like it was blanched. I think it lacked a bit of pepper. This meal costs Php Php79.
The batchoy came after a few minutes. It doesn't look appetizing but who knows right? Well. Not really the same one I had the last time. I liked the soup cause it's hot and sort of yummy. My friend said, "Batchoy lang."  That came from the person who does not have any affinity to batchoy whatsoever. This bowl of love costs Php50.

Moving on to the siopao, here we have the regular sized white bun with meat. It was not that bad at all. The color of the filling was on the lighter side compared to the other buns I have had which looked more brownish next to dark. Having this made me miss my favorite siopao. I think this costs around Php25.

The Verdict:
3/5 It wasn't a depressing 3 but it was more of i-needed-more-than-that.

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