Spaghetti Factory

We had our lunch at Spaghetti Factory in Ayala Center Cebu on the 3rd floor, New Wing near Rai Rai Ken and Dessert Factory. The place is quaint with what I think only has 15 tables to serve couples and even a small number of families. 

We decided to order the Pizza 4 Seasons which you can choose and combine a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4, it's like creating your own personal pizza. We opted for the following variants: Ham, Cheese and Mushroom, Italian Sausage, Pizza Longganiza and Vegetable. The pizza will be done after 10-15 minutes. 

Moving on to the pasta order, I decided to give the Bolognese a try. Would have wanted the Vongole but i didn't have enough dough to spend. We decided to have the Bolognese instead. For any pasta order, you get to choose which pasta from their directory you'd like for your dish. I chose the Spaghetti still.

The pasta arrived really fast at less than 15 minutes. And my oh my, it did taste good! I love the play of sour on my mouth. It was truly Italian. Some people avert to Italian cuisine and think that the nearest fastfood is Italian enough but they are dead wrong. I loved it. The pasta was really al dente! You also get freshly milled black pepper to top your pasta. You can ask for more, I know I did! :) This piece of heaven is only Php179, a definite treat!

Finally, the pizza arrived! Oh gosh! Did it look totally good, smells good too! The crust is by far really heavenly. I am a fan of thin crust pizzas and this one is definitely great. This is the regular size and is sold at Php159. God, truly worth it!

The ambiance is really good. We got so full that we had to skip dessert. A good place for an intimate date  or even a family gathering. I would definitely come back! I'd be dreaming of you, Bolognese. ♥

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