Macaron Tango Cafè

Finally, the long awaited day for me to try a french macaron has come. We went to this hidden French paradise in Osmena Boulevard to check the place out. It was rather hidden, well hidden in fact. You would never believe this place is next to a Chicken Inato and beyond a salon.

I got a bit excited cause I really wanted to have blueberry cheesecake. I have this nagging feeling that I will probably find my ultimate cheesecake yet. YES, I was excited for some macarons too!

OMG! Look at the pantry?! REALLY?! There was quiche, canelé, crème brûlée, chocolate mousse and  yes blueberry cheesecake and yes a huge variety of macarons! Too many to choose from, we were told to get the lemon macaron and guess what? DARK CHOCOLATE! 

We did not have to wait that much, they right away served the goodies. 

Dark Chocolate Macarons! YUM YUM YUM! :b  - Php40
Lemon Macaron, surprisingly YUM! :) - Php40

Blueberry Cheesecake Php85. :b
Let us not forget this little devil. I took a small piece and boy oh boy! It was bursting blueberry goodness. The cream cheese playing on your mouth as it melts, tasted sweet and sour. The crust was not to crumby and not to mushy either. I love loved it! :L

I was even surprised to see the bill, it wasn't that expensive. I tried pastries from other coffeeshops and by far this one was the cheapest. I wanted to get the coffee-based cold drink but luckily they had none! I am not really a fan of coffee so I got a tall bottled water instead. They do not only serve pastries, they have meals too. Did I mention Pizza? Yes! They also have this lunch meal at around Php200 which includes either a rice meal, a dessert and a cold beverage. Now ain't that sweet? I think so too.

The interiors are on the minimalist side. The counter is designed as an open space that way you can see how things are prepared. This piece of heaven is owned by a French Chef who wakes up early to buy ingredients from the nearest market and bakes the goodies himself. The owner visits the shop every now and then and i just smiled when he looked at us. The only word that I can pronounce well in French was merde. :P So I just smiled back at him. I will definitely come back!

Macaron Tango Café, located at # 5, Centero Arcade, Osmena Blvd., in Capitol, Cebu City. For inquiries, call them at (032) 412-5151. 


  1. How much does a piece of macaron cost at Macaron Tango Cafe? I'm drooling just looking at the photos! Hehehe :-)

  2. Hi, Mustachio! The macarons are sold at Php40 a piece. I think they are sold by a box of 6 at Php228 (Php38 a piece).

  3. Hi I'm a fashion blogger and I linked this post to my blog. Hope you don't mind :)

  4. Thanks a lot for posting this! I saw this linked on issa's blog. i am so glad i now know where to get these macarons. saw it on michelle phan's youtube account and on gossip girl and i am really drooling to finally taste them!

    Tearaway Defunct

  5. Thanks for visiting, Alfie! :)

  6. Chocolate mousse is one of my fav in Macaron Tango. =)


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