True Blood Season 4 - Season Finale

I just woke up from watching the season finale of the best vampire series on TV: True Blood. I blogged about how brilliant the penultimate episode was and I got the shock of my life upon watching the last episode. It was for the lack of better acronym: WTF?! (The complete opposite acronym of my blog site!) This is one of the reasons why I love TB other than any phony vampire series on TV its because it keeps us wanting more! You would never know what happens next. 

This season-ender was indeed a shocker, here are a list of things that happened. Spoilers alert!

  • I did not expect Tara shot in the head! 
  • I also didn't see Jesus killed, I also do not like to see his bruho side. It sort of scares the living dead out of me.
  • I did not like to see Rene, he also scares me, he even had the balls to warned Arlene.
  • It was about time Nan got killed, I never liked her! :P
  • WTF?! Did Russell Edgington just escaped?
  • Pam and her best one-liner yet: "I am so over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina and her unbelievably stupid name. F**k Sookie!" 
  • Sookie breaking up with her vamp boifs.
  • Lafayette possessed by Marnie.
  • Gran Adele is back!
  • I was glad Sookie killed Debbie!
  • Jason and Jessica in her naughty Little Red Riding Hood outfit. They look great together.
  • Pam getting all emotional. :(

All in all, it was a cliffhanger. Wonder what happened to the fairy Andy had sex with in the forest. How will Rene get his revenge? Is Russell really alive? Will Sookie and Alcide get together at last? And the most important question of all: Will I survive this True Blood withdrawal all over again?

Relive the moments:

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