Manang Fe BBQ

Last Wednesday, when I was too lazy to cook and craved for something rather carcinogenic. We went out to Basak, Lapu-Lapu City to check out the newest branch of Manang Fe BBQ. The main branch is in Gun-ob, Lapu-Lapu City which is right next to Kumon.

The ride from the house to BBQ Heaven is short and sweet. We then ordered from the reception area slash  order station slash bbq-kitchen slash cashier. 

The place looked pretty decent and they can cater to almost 50 people in one seating. Well ventilated with ceiling fans which by the way is clean. Surround sound system which means that the place is wired to almost 5 speakers that way you can hear the latest episode of your telenovela even if you are at the  reception area slash  order station slash bbq-kitchen slash cashier. The comfort room is really clean with separate doors for male and female.

I am a sucker for barbecued chicken skin so I ordered one along with two lean pork meat and a very cold bottle of Mountain Dew. They only have Pepsi and San Miguel products. If I remember correctly I got 4 puso. They have this saucer with sliced calamansi and minced green tomatoes, it was rather great with soy sauce and a bit of white vinegar.

The meal was truly satisfying, I wanted to have the squid but I didn't have enough funds. We paid Php130 for our meal so we paid Php65 each. It wasn't that bad at all. I might come back soon. I bid farewell to Manang Fe BBQ heaven, til next time. ♥

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