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We have been in the baking business for awhile now and realized something. This has come to my attention for weeks now and I needed time to write about it, and this is it before the timer sets off. :P

It was never our intention to be a medium to bridge the gap between friends, lovers and even family members. We have had tons of customers asking for this and that and wrapping our goodies with special paper to surprise their loved ones.  It's also a wonderful feeling to witness these precious moments unfold. It's touching to see how their faces brighten up as they receive their bouquet of flowers and whilst shaking hand hold the cake box in place. These moments are bound to be remembered forever. So we decided to branch out, to deliver our pastries with other add-on like food, personalized flowers, love notes, favorite cuisine and even write it all out in our pastry. It's sweet, it's great. It's such a privilege for us to go the extra mile, who doesn't love a surprise?

Amidst tough weather conditions, tires flatten en route, unable to reach customers due to lost mobile phones, we always make sure to be there on time. We try our very hardest to do so. We would also like to thank everyone who shared our pastries with friends, workmates, classmates or even family members. Thanks for allowing us to serve all of you. We would also like to extend our apologies if we can't make it on time, Fuzzy Wuzzy Pastries only consists of two staff members who acts as the founders, delivery team, finance and time manager. 

Fuzzy who checks on our online accounts in iStorya.net and also Facebook | Fuzzy Wuzzy Pastries. She replies to all e-mails, text messages and queries. She is also responsible for the treats you eat, how it's presented, how it should taste and how our pastries leave a lasting taste at each bite. She makes sure to get a presentable photo of the products worthy to be posted online. She researches what new product to bake and what might be a good idea for a cake design. 

Wuzzy who bakes the goodies on our oven we call Blaze. She also is responsible for the boxes that houses all the pastry you are indulging each time except for the plastic containers which is bought from a local specialty shop. She also manages our meager finances and checks to see if we have enough funds to buy ingredients that makes up each saccharine treat.

So yes, let us be part of every occasion. Let everything count, orders can be made through our Facebook Page or sending us a text message at our business number 0917-467-1776. Special cake designs can be sent to zhequia@gmail.com with the attached files.

We now cater to anyone from all over the world. Deliveries should be within the Cebu Region only. Payments can be done thru direct bank deposits, Xoom Branches or even Western Unions. We are still trying to find ways to deliver our goodies to other areas in the Philippines, unless someone lends us their private jet? :P

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  1. I like the part where you can put add-ons. But I'll have to find someone to give it to. Hahahaha.


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