the boy who lived

I finally got to watch the final installment of the worldwide phenomenon that is Harry Potter. I could still recall back in high school, Boss Bangs owned a copy of a book about magic. It was a boy named Harry and the world of magic he is yet to find out. I didn't know it was the next best thing on earth back then, all I know is I love to read and I am loving this book. 

I always had a penchant for magic when I was young til now, I guess. Who doesn't? I loved Charmed, Hocus Pocus and even Practical Magic and let us not forget the  movie The Craft. Boy,was I a sucker for magic and anything supernatural. :P 

We went out yesterday to watch the last film. I cried countless times whilst watching the film. Cried about Snape, cried about Dumbledore, threw my fist in the air as Neville killed Nagini and screamed as Hermione and Ron kissed.

I had to take a day before I blog about this because I needed time to think. I also needed to accept that this is the last movie, nothing more. I will never have to wait in vain to watch the next film. :(

Thank you JK Rowling for our childhood. Harry Potter will always be in our hearts. ALWAYS. ~sniff


  1. i love the story of tom riddle, albus dumbledore and severus snape....the finale had lived up to my expectations though i was expecting a bit favorite scene in the movie is a scene that is not in the book...the film makers made ...the changes and for me, the scene was surprisingly impressive and moving...the scene was when snape gathered all the students and interrogated and threatened about concealing harry potter and then harry appeared and confronted snape and the order of the phoenix entered and then mcgonagall challenged snape to a duel and snape fled...snape's reaction when harry taunted him was so sad... i already know the whole story at that time about snape's history...and i can feel what snape must be feeling at that time...while watching that, i felt like my whole body's burning...i was so impressed by the courage that snape had shown the whole time...he is indeed the bravest slytherin we've ever known.....good job alan rickman!!!!

  2. Wow! Thanks Leo! :) I must say that I did cry whilst watching the film, no matter how many times I loathed Snape he made me cry the hardest.


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