i posted on my previous blog about the 20 minutes well spent in the blood bank. so here i go again, draining some 450cc to save someone's life. the experience wasn't really new to me. i donated november 17 last year. it was in chong hua and this time the extraction takes place in the blood bank of perpetual soccour.

it took awhile for the senior medtech to find a viable vein so i knew right then and there that i really did gain weight. i lost some 2.5 pounds though so its still a working process. when she was certain the vein is a sure win she punctured me with the 17 gauge needle. ~ouch!

it did not take that long to fill the bag roughly around 5-10 minutes. the medtech was even shocked how fast it took and stated that the guy who donated yesterday took nearly an hour to fill the same bag as i have. i told her i bleed fast. LOL :P

the medtech informed me to keep lying on the bed told her i was more comfortable sitting. i wasn't even dizzy. i had to wait it out for another 5 minutes before i left the room. the medtech was really accommodating. oh btw, there were medtech students from velez namely fatima and hannah. fatima was more accommodating compared to hannah who was busy flirting with someone at the far end of the room. i decided to leave already, i was really hungry and i haven't eaten since lunch. stood up and walked as if nothing happened.

the puncture wound is still painful though. so i have this hole in my arm and it seems like im a fangbanger. check it in trueblood wiki. :P 

so yes, my blood will save someone's life and i hope i get saved too.

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