i am tired. i have been in front of the laptop for almost 2 weeks or was it 3? you see from the last job i had as a training assistant which entails documenting the seminar in audio file via sound recorder on io (yes, i name my stuff... IO short for VAIO) in case you are wondering where to locate that application, i can walk you through it:

 for windows vista user these are the steps:

  • click on the Start button which is in fact called windows pearl.
      • go to All Programs
        • open Accessories
          • sound recorder 

that felt like work. ahahah. :P i miss NACS- North American Customer Service. i used to work for microsoft.  in any case, so that's how you can find it. so aside from recording, i had to type the outputs of participants from any form of paper manila paper or not i have to have everything in writing. i had a glimpse of how a secretary feels like. i never liked paper work. i never liked to stay on my seat while my butt gets really moist from not moving. i was an all around handy person. i would rush to the front to get the LCD projector ready then go back to the table to finish whatever i was doing. what i did enjoy most though is clipping and stapling. it was fun for me. i know of someone who collects removed staple wires, i guess i would be into that fad as well if i would settle for a secretarial job.

fast forward to the time i got home and started the documentation process. i was an all time data encoder for almost 3 weeks. i transferred written files to word files, translated vernacular dialect to english, transcribed all that was necessary. you must now that yes, it was a tiring job and yes my patience has been tested so much i almost threw my laptop and ran amok.

i had days when i was not in the mood to finish it. i was also near the point of settling for mediocrity which is the least that i would ever do. i was too stuck at this that not only did my sleep cycle shifted from 10pm bedtime to 10am bedtime i also had to decline a job offer.

i applied at this small bpo company in i.t park for a content writer position. i was able to finish the exams and the interview. i was told that they will call me. days passed on, weeks came by and they called me. out of nowhere. after what seemed like 3 weeks and asked if i was available to visit them.

technically, i was available that time. i was transcribing the audio file but i didnt want to plunge in to something when i have other responsibilities on queue. i know, sucks to be me right? i just sighed after the call ended. ive been really dying to get a job and they did call only to be answered no.

yeah. yeah. you can cuss all you want. heck this is my blog anyway!! :P
im done with the job. i am not sure if i am free already. yes.
i am damn tired.



  1. No one cussed so I will. Why the heck did you not take that job IMA???

    -I'm not kidding. :P

  2. cause i was still tied to the last job.


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