last saturday, i went to i.t park to meet with a few friends who donated some of their used items. mike whom i wasn't able to meet left his items in the i2 guard per instructions. nawe whom i met at ila putiaubrey of which i wasn't able to meet but left her items in the i2 guard as well. and lastly, france whom we waited til it stroke midnight.

febbe and i carried what seemed like 5 kilos of clothes. ranging from t-shirts, shorts, blouses, dresses and even slacks. some donated bags and a wallet and some pair of slippers even a functional microphone. i have yet to claim other items as well by tuesday and will buy food for the kids from a very kind donor whom id rather not mention. as i was sorting them awhile ago, i felt a sense of happiness. i somewhat felt christmas-y that very moment. i was overwhelmed by these kind people who took the time to sort some of their clothes and willingly gave them to those who needed them more. i almost lost hope that yule give will not turn our successful and i'd be rather sad. 

i was sorting and here are the items so far:

  • collared blouses - 6
  • pocket shirts - 3
  • t-shirts - 25
  • sleeveless - 6
  • skirts - 3
  • tube top - 1
  • polo shirt - 1
  • dress - 4
  • blouse 7
  • sando - 2
  • cardigan - 1
  • slacks - 1
  • jackets - 2
  • bags - 4
  • t-shirts - 5
  • polo shirt - 1
  • shorts - 7
  • jogging pants - 2
  • boxers - 1
  • slippers - 3
i am so happy that from the 4 out of 10 who pledge i got more than what i expected,more to come in the next few days. will update soon here and the big event this 24th in asilo de la milagrosa.

to those who gave me the items already and i wasn't able to meet in person thank you soooooo much. you have no idea how much this means to me. and heres to you.  ~big hugs~  

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