where are we now?

i haven't asked that question yet.

logic dictates that i should move on.

keeping in casual.
what the f*** does that mean?

nothing wrong seeing a movie. i guess.

is that it?
anything else?
anything we can do?
anythign at all?
brunch. brunch is nice. 


some lines from Desperate Housewives.

been addicted to it these days.

i went shopping for the yuletide. i went to SM toget some wine glasses. was in a dilemma between a set of 4 glass wine and a setof 6 glasses - 300 difference.

i settled for the 6 glass set. so i got myselfthings errr more like food. hotdog. ice cream. chocolates. and some wine. wine.wine.

id go buy some pizza. i need to finish The Zahirby the time i am on PTO this 23rd and 24th. ive been bored recently. i failedto mention how i hated our company Christmas Party. i never liked it one bit.

i looked like a Serena in all the Blair Waldorf inthe scene.

Rico Blanco was hot. and i saw most of my crushes.all in all. 

i was bored.
to death.
i left. 
went home.

total bummer.

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