the missing piece

i had fun the whole weekend (last weekend). preoccupied with afriend who recently got back to retrieve her things. we went to SM played inBibo. played the Bumper Cars and ate out. it was very exhausting indeed yetfun. my friend asked where he was. i gave her a lame was fun withthem yet not as fun when he was around. Rhylene and I watched ParanormalActivity and Jennifer's Body with her lappy. kept us awake til 7am O_o freakystuff. i got myself a book - Hunger Games the only i wanted since last august.didn't have time to read it yet. busy busy busy. will have time soon.

and so i started to read it. loved the plot andhow the author writes. love it better than The Twilight Saga. then my itchcame. the itch to see 500 days of summer.

it was almost as if the world conspired for me notto watch the film: 

one time i went there all ready to watch whenthere was no 500 days. seemed like they had to split the day in half: morningsfor 500 and afternoons for jennifer's body [hot girl on girl action if i mightadd ;D] then one time, i was ready got my bigmac and large sprite only to findout that i was too late for the last screening.
and finally, went to SM with a workmate and was indoubt if she'd like the movie.i decided to leave for home when i thought, maybei should watch it.i can still make it in time for the last show. so i did.holding my new book i went back to the cinemas to get myself a ticket. i saw 3workmates/friends on the way there.

one asked:

L: you watching alone?
E: yes. 
L: why?
E: i don't see a law saying otherwise?

i had 30 minutes to spare so i read about 2chapters... and went in to see that i came in too early....

so the man character - Tom played by JosephGordon- Levitte was miserable from an unrequited love... i can't spill thedetails.. 

i watched as the credits roll , as the trailersshowed and waited for the movie to finally start.

i always had the feeling that i would like themovie and i might end up crying.

i didn't. 

(damn. i need to edit these. some parts aremissing...)

i don't remember what else i wrote here. damnfacebook mobile! XD

i don't know what is worse? the idea that i cantcry anymore or the thought that maybe i am turning numb?

i want him to know that i miss him. already. andit is unfair to me. and he was never fair. i could never understand it. i willnever do.

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