on a lighter side of things:

i was so disoriented last week. i woke up at 2am getting ready for work. hmmmm

what to wear i asked myself. so i took the liberty to use my home-clothes towork added a jacket and voila! dress down. ahaha! i will not speak of dates tohide my shame! pardon my scarce clothing line! XD i was about to leave my roomwhen i noticed that my shirt needs a little ironing, so there i was laid indianstyle on the floor ironing away. hmmm all done.. placed the iron near my bed.sat on my bed. and that sound...


or something to that effect. gack. what could it be?!

i looked and there it was a small 25 cent hole on my bed airbed. i looked atthe box where i kept most of my knickknacks and i couldn't find that piece ofplaster to keep the hole closed. ahhhhh. 

it took awhile for me to realize i was running late. screw the bed and worryabout it later. and i did when i got home. i was so exhausted from all the OT irendered and was ready to dive in my bed. errrr. what bed? the floor i mean. soive been sleeping on the floor with a mat and my comforters. 

this sucks!

anyway. i realized one thing - we learn to take importance of things when theyare gone. and also goes with the people that come in and out of our lives. theymay have hurt us and leave us when we needed them most but you know that itsfor a good cause even when you think it isn't. at least for now, im relivednow.

imma go back to my bed now. errr to the cushion that i manage to bargain frommy landlady. my charm works wonders! LOL.ive been on the bed laying therealmost all day. i slept from 3pm til i woke up at 9pm straight. ahhhh.

now off to slumber.

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