F,i miss you. 

ive been saying that for the past few days now. 

i do. 
so much. 
and mostly more on sundays. 
i wish i could have enough courage to look you inthe eye 
and not feel guilty anymore. 
things will change that's for sure. 
im not sure if i can still run to you. 

Hans,i miss you too. 

i miss the foodtrip. 
music induced, complaining days we always share. 
i miss having you around. 
finishing your sentences and just walking alongthe streets of butuan. 
admiring the city hall and its structure. 

Raiza,Joan,Therese,Maepet -i miss you guys. 

i miss the fun-filled days at the beach. 
reminiscing high school memories. 
who did what and who said what to whom. 

Hannah,i miss you as well. 

you have been my crying shoulder. 
you always know what is happening to me. 
i always tell you how i feel about this and that. 
and i always appreciate your out right tactlesscomments. 
i miss the days when we'd go separate from thegroup and talk about boys and life. 
i feel i am younger when im with you. 
we are so carefree when we are together. 
throwing friendly banter for another. 

Tyrone,i miss you. 

you were here for me before and now you decided togo back home. 
we may not talk that much but i miss you as well. 
wish i could talk to you often but we both havedifferent lives now. 

Bong,i miss you too much, 

i miss having to hear you laugh. 
how you have these weird and outright eclecticview of things, 
i miss talking to you and even text messaging youhas been scarce. 

Z, i miss the days when we'd go home together fromclass. 

things we'd do every weeked in the village. 
things we talk about. 
we have changed. 
both of us. 
we grew separate and we also had our fairshare ofresentments. 
i wish i could talk to you more often. 

i miss the people that know me. 

those that i never hid who i really am. 
those that have seen me at my best and at my worst.

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