this day, at 8pm. 2004.

i was taken.

err swept away.
was at the beach.
someone was holding my hand.
all i could hear was the stillness of the night.
the soft murmurs of the seashore.
crickets sweetly cricketing their way.
he held me like it was the first time.
it really was the first time.
he guided me down the cottage.
he held me close.
we never was this close - ever.
until now.

we leisurely walked to the gate.

i stopped him for a while.
we stared at the stars.
he looked at me.
i saw i was in his eyes.
he gave me a sweet smile.
we didn't need to talk.
we were contented with each others presence.

we went out.

he held me much tighter.
knowing he has to go.
he smiled at me.
slowly he loosened his grip upon mine.
he looked at me and he was motioning for a kiss.

i whispered, "not now"


he took my hand,

held it close to his face.
and kissed it.


see you in the morning.

"see you"


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