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I believe in a lot of things. I believe in energies, creatures, and things that cannot be explained by science and logic. Around last year, I decided to search online to see how to cleanse a space and to invite good energy. I also realized that sometimes I come home a little bit cranky or shitty and I feel like these negative vibes remain at home. Or when I get i-just-want-to-sleep-all-day that can lead to weeks and heck even months if I allow it.

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After a few searches, I landed into smudging. Smudging involves the burning of sacred herbs or resins which is commonly done as ceremonial practices by different indigenous groups around the world. While using scent and scented smoke (such as incense) in religious and spiritual rites is an element common to many different cultures worldwide, the details, reasons, desired effects, and spiritual meanings are usually unique to the specific cultures in question - sourced from Wiki. 

In these smudging activities - there are 2 materials I needed to get: White Sage and Palo Santo.

White Sage is a common herb used which cleanses any space to bring it down to its neutral state. All types of energy, positive or not will be moved out from a given space. Now, we cannot just leave it neutral; we want to invite good vibes and positive energy so I had to get Palo Santo.

First was the quest to find White Sage, it was rather expensive online and after some digging - a place called Bodhi Mind and Body Shop in Tagaytay sells it. I got my hand on a 3-piece set sold at Php900 which was about the same online. Unfortunately, they did not have any Palo Santo so I had to buy it somewhere else.
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When I got both items, I visited the new apartment and smudged the space and I have been doing so since I moved in. I try to smudge as regularly as I can. Since quarantine, I have had bad spells of depression and when everything feels really heavy - I smudge.

For those that are a bit sensitive to herbs and smoke, you might want to rethink smudging. Sage smells amazing and totally different from the sage we use for cooking. Sage smells a bit pungent but I love it. Palo Santo, on the other hand, smells like incense with a bit of mint. After doing both, you can feel a huge difference in the space you just smudged. I feel lighter, I get less anxious and depressed and the quality of sleep I get has improved. I am on my last sage and waiting for the next Shopee or Lazada deal to get a set from KimCarma02.

Here's a clip on how to Smudge your space.

How do you cope during quarantine? Share your best practices in the comments below.

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