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In this age and time when we are hooked to our phones right? I use my phones to basically do everything; send an e-mail, tweet that funny thought, post that daily FB photo and reply to your group chat in messenger. I also prefer to use online banking thru apps - I pay my phone and internet bills thru this method, less lines and more time to do whatever.

Lo and behold, there is finally an online site/ page for Meralco!

Here's how to sign up for Meralco Online:

Step 1. Register and fill in the details on the screen. Here's the direct link to Meralco Online. Please note that you will need a recent copy of your Meralco bill as some information may be needed to complete your registration.

Step 2. E-mail confirmation, I recommend using an e-mail that is currently active and you still use.

Step 3. Complete E-mail Verification as the last step.

Step 4. Login using your created credentials.

Step 5. And you are online!

Step 6. Explore, here is a snapshot of some of the things you can do in the site.
There are so much more you can do with the site and once you are able to login you can definitely use the same login info when you access your acccount in the app.

Here is a snippet of what you can see on the app.

Yes, for my techie readers out there: an App is available. Download here for Android and iOS

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