LMC Original Pansit Tagapo

When I moved to Cavite, it wasn't that hard for me to meet like-minded friends. Friends that take me out of town to head to the nearest food places. Like how I was able to visit places in Biñan just by being BFFs with Mommy H. One of these planned if not surprise food trips, led us to the famous Pancit Tagapo.

Located at Barangay Tagapo in Sta Rosa, Laguna houses a quaint place to dine and has been open since 1958. Selling not only their pansit, they have combo meals to your liking. Check out the huge menu below, you can definitely find something to your liking. 
The place offers a homey feel to it like how it feels to visit your grandparents over during summer. It's a small and humble space giving you enough room to move around and family size tables to share their sumptuous meals. Dining options are inside the establishment or outside near the highway. I recommend sitting outside as it does get a bit warm when dining inside. They have a spot for you to wash your hands and get your cutleries too.

It's hard to miss, if you are local of Laguna, you can see the place across one of those Rodillas Yema Cake distributor.

They still kept their old signage - I love this one better than the new one, IMO.
What we always order is the Php200 bilao which can feed about 4 people or 2 very hungry hormonal person. HAHA! On a good day, we can have some leftovers for take out but sometimes, we devour everything on our plates.

Tip: It is best to dig in once it's served. For the foodventurer who has hypertension, live a little. But ensure to prepare your Catapress and some pineapple juice just in case. But kidding aside, the bihon is well seasoned and they top it with a mix of crunchy, chicharon and some lean meat. Oh, they have some crunchy veggies too - don't worry it's not all fat and protein. 

Piqued your curiosity? Grab your friends and pay them a visit.
For those who have visited, what's your recommendation for their combo meals?

Pansit Tagapo
Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 9AM - 11PM
Phone: 0927 654 9118
Facebook Page: LMC Original Pancit Tagapo

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