7 Tips to Survive Winter Cycling

Winter is coming but this should not stop you from riding your bike. You should be prepared for the weather so that you can survive easily. There is some winter riding tips that you should know more about.

1. Pay attention to your clothing.
How will you survive the cool air if you are not wearing proper clothes? You can invest in thermal wear that will help keep you warm. Have a windproof jacket too so that you will not feel the biting cold of the cool winter air. Waterproof gear can also be helpful for you. You may prefer riding beach bikes and you can do this as long as you are wearing the right clothes.

2. Avoid getting punctures.
The weather is not very ideal for cycling so you have a higher chance of getting punctures on your tires. You can avoid this by making sure that you have a pump with you. Always check your tires before you start riding. You do not want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

3. Eat the right food.
There are some food products that will allow you to have the energy to ride. There are also some foods that you should avoid. You can bring some food gels with you so you can consume these when you are feeling a bit low on energy to continue riding.

4. Keep your bike in perfect condition.
How can you ride properly when your bike is not working well? You can have your bike checked by a professional first before you start riding in cold weather. Make sure that you will also wash off the dirt and grime that have accumulated on your bike.

5. Consider getting winter bikes.
There are some bikes that are specifically made for winter time. There are women’s bikes that are available. You just need to make the right decision because this will surely be very helpful for your needs.

6. Be prepared.
You should know the path that you are going to travel when you start riding. This will help you become prepared for the possible problems that you may experience along the way. It is best that you bring your phone with you so you can contact someone when you get lost or if your bike experiences some issues.

7. Consider riding indoors.
There are some trainers that can be used indoors. The cycling experience will not be the same but you can be sure that you will stay safe for the whole winter.

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