Cow Cow Ice

One thing to know about me is that I am a sucker for sweets. Candies, chocolates and everything cold like smoothies, ice creams and even frozen yogart. It won't come to a surprise that I have finally succumb myself in ordering some Cow Cow Ice or otherwise known as Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory in Megamall. Mind you, it took me several visits prior to this moment of weakness. 

I have read about Cow Cow Ice online and from IG and boy did they have some photogenic products! I also wanted to know if it's something that I can indulge myself with as often as I would want.
They do not just offer their famous soft serve, they have a good mix of cheese products like crackers, cheese wheels and so much more. Yes, to be honest it does cost a lot for cheese but when you think about it - you are getting Hokkaido milk product without having to leave the Philippines. 

  • Milk - Made from Jersey milk and mascarpone cheese from Hokkaido.
  • Cheese - Made from two cheeses: Cream cheese and Hokkaido Gouda cheese.
  • Mix - Combination of Milk and Cheese.

  • Cheesecake slice at Php100.
  • Salt & Camembert at Php50.

I ordered the Mix variant and ordered the Double Chocolate Cheesecake side created a good balance with the subtle creamy milk. They definitely lived up to it's tagline - Your cheek might drop. Mine definitely did and my jaw was wide open! Texture was amazingly soft and had just enough sweetness. 

So the question was: Will I visit again? Most definitely! It's something you can go treat yourself after work or school. Go ahead and treat yourself, you deserve it.

Follow them at their official Instagram page Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory PH

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