Baron's Kinilaw Sinugba Sashimi & Barbecue

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My hometown of Butuan is known for Golden Tara, orange tricycles and banana chips. Yes, I am from the Timber City of the South. My short bio on the blog does not reflect this but it does pay to have a sense of mystery. *wink

I am a proud Butuanon, I may not speak the local dialect however I take pride of my hometown. I grew up eating Tita's Cafe's siopao, buying school supplies at Sungold. Does anyone remember that fat cat at Busa Trading? Used to visit there with my classmates back in the day to buy the latest song hits. Oh Butuan, you make me miss you more and more.

One thing that makes me miss Butuan more other than the nostalgia and familiarity is seafood. It also pays to know that any time of the day, I can get fresh seafood at Langihan Public Market. I mean it, fresh fish EVERY-SINGLE-DAY. Thanks to geography, we are surrounded by neighboring cities like General Santos, Davao and Cagayan de Oro sending us produce and fish daily. Enjoying kinilaw, tinolang isda and sinugba just for no reason.
FTW! Blog - 8600: Beautiful Butuan | Baron's Kinilaw Sinugba Sashimi & Barbecue, #FTWblog, #FTWeats, #ZHEQUIAdotCom, #Barons, #8600Food #085FoodDrink, #ButuanCity #BaronsBBQ
Baron's has been around for 6 years now, they opened 2011. I left Butuan around 2010, I had little or no knowledge about Baron's until I Googled the best things to do when I come home. How can someone local not know what's the best spot to eat? How can something so familiar can be so strange? Ironic, isn't it?

I had my visit planned out last year, I arranged a dinner get together with a few college buds and my ever reliable best friend from high school. What I did not plan out was the delayed flight - which is no surprise at this point. I arrived after 10PM which was too late for dinner.

Baron's offers Sashimi however when I arrived they said it was already sold out. Decided to get Tuna Kinilaw, Sinugbang Baboy, warm rice and a bottle of soda. Yes, that's just for me! :)
FTW! Blog - 8600: Beautiful Butuan | Baron's Kinilaw Sinugba Sashimi & Barbecue, #FTWblog, #FTWeats, #ZHEQUIAdotCom, #Barons, #8600Food #085FoodDrink, #ButuanCity #BaronsBBQ
The ambiance was just right, I loved that it was an open area. If you are a bit iffy with the open space, you can opt for their restaurant-style location which offers the same flair and then some. The main branch is perfect for drinks! The staff was amazing and I got the chance to be visited by the owner, what a cool guy! By the way, the cost of what I had was around Php400, I secretly asked for extra rice. I wouldn't mind spending that much for fresh fish and spicy kinilaw anytime!

I will visit them soon enough this year, what else should I try?

Visit them at their Official Facebook Page: Baron's Kinilaw Sinugba Sashimi & Barbecue
Baron's Kinilaw Sinugba Sashimi & Barbecue
JC Aquino Avenue (before Philippine Statistics Office)
Contact Number: (085) 341-0833
Mobile Number: 0977-833-8000

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  1. I don't eat seafoods but I wont mind that sinugbang baboy. Looks yum! :P


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