Bakers Maison allows you to ‘Taste the World’

Bakers Maison, Gardenia’s artisanal specialty bakery café, introduces more breads and pastries inspired and originated from different countries allowing consumers to experience signature bread experience from all over the world.

Through the technology and bread making expertise of Gardenia Bakeries Philippines and its collaboration with various industry experts, Bakers Maison Philippines will deliver exceptional consumer value through its delectable breads and pastries inspired not just by traditional and authentic French recipes, but a fusion of flavours from all over the world.
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‘Taste the World’

Bakers Maison also offers a wide and innovative array of baked goods that come in various tastes and textures. It has created an exciting collection that features breads and flavours from all over the globe.

A Taste from France: Bakers Maison artisan breads have a crusty texture and dense moist center, made according to authentic French recipes like Baguette Parisienne and Sourdough de Maison

A Taste from Austria: Indulge with Bakers Maison’s Viennoiserie creations that have selected premium quality ingredients from its Butter Croissants with layers of rich butter  from New Zealand rolled into a masterpiece that is flavorful, light, and flaky, Cheese Royale Croissant with authentic cheese, Peach Custard Danish with classic blend of peaches and creamy custard and Pain Au Chocolat, Bakers Maison’s signature pastry filled with exquisite Belgian chocolate and topped with chocolate ganache.

A Taste from Italy: Savor the flavor goodness from Italy with Italian Pesto Bread where one can enjoy the creaminess of pesto complemented with cheese in a bread topped with parsley bits and Chicken Pomodoro Bun, an Italian-inspired Chicken al Pomodoro bursting with juicy tomatoes and spices served in a soft bun.

A Taste from Singapore: Get a blend of rich coffee taste and cream cheese in a soft bun perfect for a sweet wake-up call with Coffee Cream Cheese Bun.

A Taste from USA: Inspired by a popular taste in North America, Bakers Maison’s Ritzy Raisin Loaf  is a creamy and soft loaf bread studded with hearty raisins.

A Taste from Iran: Did you know that your favorite Double Chocolate Chip Cookie is actually originated from Iran? You know “It’s Never Too Chocolate”.

A Taste from United Kingdom: Indulge with the extremely gratifying soft and moist Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffin with generous flavor servings.

Quality and Freshness Guarantee

Bakers Maison is committed to quality and consistency and uses only the finest ingredients and original recipes to create the authentic French taste. All breads are partially baked in a clean and controlled environment and delivered frozen to the store, where final oven baking is done. This process, otherwise known as the “par-baked” method, guarantees consistent quality and freshness, made possible through central commissary production.

Consumers can rest easy as all breads are skilfully crafted and baked fresh daily by Gardenia, whose trademark is equated to quality and value.

Store expansion

Bakers Maison rolls out business expansion through rapid store expansion to cater to more artisan bread lovers out there. Currently, Bakers Maison has stores located in LIIP Mamplasan Binan, Laguna, SM North EDSA, Landmark Trinoma, Waltermart Makati, Glorietta 4 and South Park District Alabang.

Gardenia’s artisanal bakery café will formally open its franchise business in 2017 to further expand reach and open more stores.

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