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I vowed to watch a concert if I had the funds for it and the moment has come. I also didn't care if I had to watch something alone. Heck, I have watched movies on my own back in the day. I bought tickets of the first of the many concerts I will go to. I have skipped a few concerts this year cause of well the lack of money. Others were hideously expensive that I just had to turn a blind eye and ardently said NO! I thought that what better way to break my concert cherry than watch my all time favorite Pentatonix!

If you do not know Pentatonix, how could you not?! LOLJK! I first saw them from one of the a capella TV Show - The Sing Off which is hosted by Nick Lachey, yes the same guy from 98 degrees! PTX won the third season of the show, it was not a surprise that they won. Yes, I just happen to stumble upon the show because during December most of the TV shows I watch are either on a winter break or a hiatus for the holidays.

They had the sickest beats, amazing harmony and crazy good arrangements. You may know a capella from the movie Pitch Perfect but did you know that there is a annual compilation of college a capella songs called BOCA(Best of College A Capella)? Go, google it.
Skipping to the main act. We arrived with just enough time to find a seat. Our seats were well thought of, I always wanted to be seated at the center be it for a movie and this time it works well for a concert.

We had so much fun that I felt the hour and a half just passed by so fast! I wanted more! It was exhilarating and mind you, I had LSS the whole week after the concert. I just wished it didn't end that fast. I love the energy and how everyone was really one with the group.
We had this short moment of goosies from the show, we were told to sing parts of their original song and they had to say goodbye. We sang when they left and they came back for an encore! They could not just end the show without playing my favorite set! PTX and Daft Punk is a union like PB and J! Check their Grammy award winning song in Youtube.

I can't believe it took me this long to blog about this! But it was a night to remember and certainly worth every penny. I know the photos and my lack of great story telling is not enough but it's far too different when you are in the crowd singing your heart out. I thought I was a fan but when I saw kids bringing led neon signs and their DIY shirts, well hats off to you kiddos with so much time on their hands.

Til next time PTX! Til next time! Btw, they have a documentary, check it out from their Youtube channel.

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