Lyleth's Eatery aka Betty's Eatery

After having my fill of fresh meat downstairs, I headed up to check the bulaloan. I did not realize how vast this place was until I saw an endless array of food stalls for everyone to enjoy. This random bus trip was brought about by reading a post about bulalo. Thank you so much interwebs and smartphones for allowing this moment to happen.
I was able to find the Lyleth's Eatery/Betty's Eatery. This is after going over the place twice, yes, the food stall name has issues. Nonetheless, this was the only place without people dining in. As I was dining with a friend we feared that we may not be able to finish the full size serving. So I specifically asked a portion good enough for two. The regular serving can feed about 4 to 6 people and that would require some extra rice.
We also made sure to order tawilis as they say it goes well with the bulalo. It sure was a great combo. Armed with my favorite drink, Canada Dry we started to devour the meal before us.
Let me start off with the tawilis, it was crunchy, fishy yet not too salty. I liked that it had a mild salty taste which allows you to grab some more like how you would with your favorite chips. Tastes great with soy sauce and vinegar. I had tons of soup and we were unable to finish the tawilis so we had it packed on a doggie bag and remained crunchy for the rest of the day.
The main event: the bulalo, since this was of a smaller serving, they only provided us with the meat. The bones were for the bigger portion. I noticed that the broth was clear, seasoned with pepper and salt and added some fresh lettuce for some crunch. For the price of Php250 it was well worth it. You get what you pay for. You can also ask for additional soup if the bowl runs empty. The meat, soft and tender and a testament that freshness impacts the whole outcome of ones meal.

If are up for some ghettto grub after a very tiring day from the market, then the place is just a stones throw away. Go ahead and live a little.

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