Tagaytay Mahogany Beef Market & Bulalohan

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Welcome to Mahogany Market the main stop for tourists and locals. This is a gold mine for fresh produce and straight from the mountains of Tagaytay and nearby towns. I love market runs, each time I visit I take a pack of fresh lettuce, cucumber and some fruits. 

To everyone's knowledge Mahogany Market is a treasure. It is a one stop shop for fresh produce, herbs, ornamental plants and has been noted to be the main stop for meat lovers. They sell fresh meat straight from nearby livestock farmers. Across the meat section is their dried goods section, they have packs of dried fishes like tawilis.
FTW! Blog, Tagaytay, Mahogany Market, Mahogany Beef Market, Bulaloan
Certainly, most people would stay far away from markets due to: flies and the smell. I would like to point out that this market would have to be the cleanest. Not perfectly clean but you can note that everything was well organized. I was told that the old market was dingy and not well maintained. I appreciate the efforts from the locals who keep the place clean and dry. 

It is no wonder that most people flock here to get their meat and some do travel far and wide to get their fill. The meat cuts are almost endless, you can get your fresh meat straight from the butcher and arrange for special deliveries. Just like a coconut tree, all parts are utilized: from the head, offal to the hooves readily available for the adventurous cook.
FTW! Blog, Tagaytay, Mahogany Market, Mahogany Beef Market, Bulaloan
The meat section covers the ground floor while the second floor is specifically made for food stalls and the famous bulalohan. It's crazy how everything is clean and I commend the people who keep it that way. While most people could not stand the smell of fresh meat, I went straight to the crowd and checked what's available. 

I could go on and on with the dishes that can be made from all the available cuts but that would be pandering. There is a sense of security when buying your food straight from the source and knowing where it came from makes cooking more personal. So if you are anything like me, a carnivore who appreciates freshness and the best quality meat then visit Mahogany Beef Market when you get the chance.

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