Mahogany Market

I left Cebu and moved to Cavite last February and since I moved, I haven't really explored places that much within the Calabarzon area. I have been to Imus where Ayala is and buy produce in Tagaytay. Both areas are accessible by public transportation. I prefer riding a bus because it takes me to places faster than a jeepney could. A trip to Tagaytay is barely just a few minutes away. And as funny as it seems, I am treating the place as my outdoor air conditioner. Lately, it has been excruciating so when I feel like I have time to burn and films to snap, I can just easily ride a bus and wait for 35 to 40 minutes and voila cold breeze from the mountains.
I hopped a bus and headed to Mahogany Market in Tagaytay. Fresh produce delivered daily and the market has been hailed as the finest supplier of great quality beef. They have eateries at the back showcasing the famous Tagaytay beef. Since I wasn't in the mood to eat, I headed out to the market to check out plants.
Flower plants, herbs and spices were sprawled all over. From basil to zinia, the options were endless. Other than the flowers, they had fruits as well just like any market would have. They even peddle fresh pinipig which was a surprise to me cause I didn't know there were green when fresh. It amazed me and for a moment I thought they added coloring.
I loved the weather, it was just right for a short walk and having a quick photowalk. The breeze is colder and cleaner. This is why I love to explore. I go where my feet and budget would lead me to. I want to explore other places as well here in Tagaytay and that would be scheduled for some other random lazy day.

Also, do  not expect too much out of a market. It is a market for a reason so don't be too high maintenance about things. There would be a few smells, pests and what not so do not expect for some fancy market place and wear appropriate clothing.

How to get there:
1. Ride a jeepney from Olivarez that says Mendez or Mahogany. Inform the driver that you'd be stopping at the market.
2. When you reach the Hall of Justice across a Police post, disembark and travel by foot.
3. The sign out side the Hall of Justice is hard to miss.

Where will my feet and budget take me next? Keep posted. :)

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