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When in Cebu, you can never go hungry. The metro offers a wide variety of grub from the crunchy goodness of ginabot to fancier restaurants that offer a good food with wine, you can never go wrong! Adding to this wide list is Brique!

ftw blog, brique, #032eatdrink, new place, food review

We checked the place out with a bottomless pit to please. I loved their menu, they have great choices of salads, mains and even desserts.

What sets them apart from other places? Let me answer you with my favorite menu items starting from the top left to the bottom right.

Classic Ceasar - I appreciate all things green and healthy too. Just because I love meat doesn't mean that I do not balance it out with veggies. Yes, sometimes proteins are waaay better than green leafies but when I do, I always opt for a good salad. I love their dressing, light not too tangy and just right for the crunchy produce. I love how fresh it tasted and how they ensure quality food is only served. This takes skill, dedication and respect because you deserve to be treated this way.

Lamb and Pork Meatball - I have never had lamb before and this got me hooked. The nuttiness of the meat and the bite from the pasta was a combination worth craving for. I love Italian dishes and this certainly is something I would highly recommend. The serving was good for two actually and if you are selfish then sharing is not an option. Oh, the garlic bread is a killer. I wanted more but they only serve one. Why do they have to tease you like that?

Pork Belly - This was a surprisingly great pair of meat. The serving mind you is really big! Enough to serve two and you might want to order an extra rice if you are really hungry. They also serve the dish with a side of gravy. I love gravy! The meat as usual cooked well, seasoned  perfectly. When dining out and you get overwhelmed by the vast selection of dishes, always opt for pork. If there's pork belly, all the better!

Don't Count Your Calories - If you love halo-halo then this would be your next favorite. Ube cake, macapuno filling, a custard layer, topped with mango ice cream and red beans. Yes! This is their version of every Pinoy's favorite summer cooler. I love how this dessert is familiar yet strange at the same time. Your taste buds know this is halo-halo but it doesn't look and feel like halo-halo. It's a crazy ride but definitely worth a try!

Spanish Chorizo and Mushroom Dip - I like appetizers and this one just nipped me spot on. Sweet, salty and creamy cheese paired with crunchy bread slices! Such a hit! I would have wanted to eat this and only this but one can't eat on cheese alone.

ftw blog, brique, #032eatdrink, new place, food reviewftw blog, brique, #032eatdrink, new place, food reviewInteriors focus on comfort and ergonomics. They have wide tables for bigger groups on the first level and comfy couches on the second floor. I loved how everything was spaced just right, not too close to the next table. I noticed that the crowd were a good mix of foreign and the local crowd.

You know how some places tend to be intimidating? I felt that for a brief moment and just let go. I loved the fact that the staff were truly accommodating. They have waiting staff on the second floor for you immediate needs. I also commend them for having Canada Dry on their beverage list. I only know a few places that serve Canada Dry. I will post a separate blog about this crazy drink I am utterly addicted to.

Brique not only serves meals, they have gourmet bread for sale to take home. If you are looking for a place to chill with your friends or have a short stop after a busy day, head out to Brique they offer.

Here's a glimpse of their selection: Brique Menu
ftw blog, brique, #032eatdrink, new place, food review

Check their Facebook Page: BriquePH
42 Salinas Drive, Lahug, 6000 Cebu City
Opens Daily from 10:00 am - 11:00 pm
Contact Number: (032) 414-1720

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