Studio 108 Fitness and Wellness Center

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We got invites to the grand opening of Studio 108 Fitness and Wellness Center early this year. This is owned by Nathaniel Archival, Anne Dala and Rogabella Chua, this one-stop-shop is located in Paseo Arcenas in Banawa. I know of yoga hubs here in Cebu but nothing of this proportion. They boasts in providing a holistic approach to wellness, not only physical movements like yoga, flow arts and the like but also with food preparations and ready made meals to go.
FTW! Blog, Studio 108, Detox Bar, #032yoga, #cebuyoga #yoga032
We asked the owners what is the foolproof way in achieving that target weight, they answered:

There is really no tried and tested formula to a successful weight loss. 

What I gather from the brief talk is that one must really be WILLING to change for the better. It could come to you as an epiphany or maybe after a life altering event could lead you to change your lifestyle, it has to start with you.

It is amazing seeing how these folks live their lives with no meat. Both are Yoga devotees and proud Vegans. Yes, hardcore vegans.

Here's the lowdown on  Veganism:
  • Absolutely no meat or use of animal products like: meat, eggs and even honey! I am shocked like you are! 
  • Vegan diet is rich in fibre, magnesium, folic acid and a few vitamins.
  • The main challenge is that they do not get enough protein. This is fixed by a few supplements they take to ensure that they get enough nutrients.
Flow Arts enthusiast gave us a brief presentation after the dinner. Flow Artists are individuals who use objects like poi, hula-hoops and contact balls. The primary goal is to achieve a meditative mental state called "flow" rather than just entertain.

Check more about Flow Arts Cebu at this link: FB Page - Flow Arts Cebu

FTW! Blog, Studio 108, Detox Bar, #032yoga, #cebuyoga #yoga032

FTW! Blog, Studio 108, Detox Bar, #032yoga, #cebuyoga #yoga032

If you ask how dinner was? It was the most fulfilling dinner I have had in days. What's in the plate: Garlic Bread, Vegan Dinuguan made from black beans, Mango Lettuce Wrap, Tofu Skewers and Brown Fried Rice. I failed to include the refreshing fruit infused water.
FTW! Blog, Studio 108, Detox Bar, #032yoga, #cebuyoga #yoga032

Check their classes below. They are open for inquiries and even group schedules. You might want to pitch this in with your workmates. What's best than achieving your target lifestyle goals? Sharing the victory with friends.
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Studio 108 Fitness & Wellness Center
2F Paseo Arcenas, Banawa, Cebu City
Contact Number/s: (032) 513-4088, (032) 511-3642 and 0943-818-7783
Hours of Operations: Monday to Wednesday - 7:30AM to 8:30PM
Thursday to Sunday 7AM to 8:30PM
Check their Facebook Page: Studio 108

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