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Uratex Cebu, FTW! Blog
I was one of the five lucky bloggers who were invited for an intimate event sponsored by Uratex. Did you know they supply foams to Victoria's Secret? It shocked me too! Held at their Uratex Cebu plant, we were up for a very productive afternoon.

We met the lovely heads of the RCG Group of Companies.  Trust has empowered Uratex to grow immensely in over 46 years, from a modest company to a highly respected leader with an influence and customer loyalty that extend well beyond Philippine shores. Recently, and for its sixth consecutive year, Uratex won the Reader's Digest Trusted Brands Platinum Award 2014.Uratex Cebu, Owners, FTW! Blog

Focusing on media relations building, the team has prepared a short clip of who and what Uratex is about and a plant tour. In its ongoing mission to support the national development, Uratex continues to expand its reach in the booming regions like Cebu. In the next 2 years, they will have a Butuan plant which got me excited cause I am from Butuan. :)
Uratex Cebu, Janvic Canama, Gessa Condino, Cebu Bloggers, FTW! BlogEvents like this widen my small network here in Cebu. Proud Nuffnang members Gessa and Janvic is seen here with the Manager for Visayas and Mindanao Arvin Mejorada along with Jun Espinosa who is the Plant Head for Isabela and Cagayan Valley Region.

We were able to talk to these amazing people about the company and where it's headed in the years to come. Focusing on strengthening their media relations here in Cebu, they provided us a quick plant tour. Representatives from different forms of media flock over with umbrellas on hand to the plant. 

Uratex Cebu, FTW! Blog
Headed by Sir Frederico Bilbao head of Manufacturing, he took us to the big big world of foams! Since there are areas not allowed for photography and any capturing devices I only have a few plant tour photos to share. This is to keep company details and processes confidential.

It starts in the Foaming Plant, we were given surgical masks to protect us from the fumes. Kudos to that! It starts with mixing chemicals to create polyurethane the main component for all foam products. Seen below is the trademark blue Uratex color. Did you know that you can ask for different colored mattresses? They can cater to all foam based products from pillows, mattresses to even the seat of your car.

Uratex Cebu, FTW! Blog
This behemoth of a foam is 18 meters in height and 44 meters in length. This huge block can create 1000 mattresses. Once covered in plastic wraps, it is transported back to a huge room to cool down. The surface may be cooked and cool but inside it can be as above boiling point. We were able to go up the machine to see how it all works. It's like an episode from How It's Made.

Uratex Cebu, FTW! Blog
Cooling can take up to 24 hours and once done this will be lifted by that horizontal metal above to the Cutting phase. This is where the fun starts! The cutting us based solely on the clients preference. Seen below is for the horizontal cutting. They have different machines for every type of cutting needed. For corrugated mattresses, those that have a sort of wave-like shape goes through a corrugating maching which is the one of the far right.
Uratex Cebu, FTW! Blog

Uratex Cebu, FTW! Blog

Once mattresses have been cut it will be then pimped up by the next team of experts. Transported to a new location just a few walks away they cover the mattress or pillow and seal them. It's amazing how a days operations go. With continued research and development, the company can keep up to its demanding market. 

The continuous growth of the RCG Group of Companies has provided the market with the latest and innovative products such as fire-retardant foams for US and European markets, reticulated outdoor foam and fabric, memory foam, anti-bacterial and other specialized foams. 

Uratex giving the best of their product because you deserve nothing but the best. The company's main goal is providing comfort for life. I can truly understand now that Uratex is more than just mattresses.

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  1. Interesting! What else did they share during that event?


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