Braving Bacolod - Getting There

I have devoted a month's worth of planning for the Bacolod Trip. I know this trip barely makes less than 2 hours to prepare, but I wanted to ensure that I cover all points. I researched and listed which tourism spots I would visit, food to devour and places to see. I had to ensure that all my finances (or the lack of it) can suffice this trip. I also wanted to challenge myself! I have been craving to travel, but could not find the means and courage to leave work and file for a leave. Yes, I am married to my job.

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I filed for leave and followed the tips I shared with you from my last post. I managed to ask for an earlier shift at work to allow me to leave work early than usual. I headed to the North Bus Station at around 4AM to catch the first trip to Bacolod. Pay your bus ticket and ferry ticket at the nearby ticket booth. The bus will not leave if you don't get ferry tickets.

Bus ticket is Php350 per person.
Ferry ticket is Php200 per person.

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Breakfast at Php40.
Terminal Fee at Php15 per person.

At around 30 minutes or so the Ceres bus went off its way to the unknown. I rode the bus labeled Bacolod Via Don Salvador. I was so happy that the movie on board was Harry Potter. The ride was pleasant and when I woke up, we were almost in Toledo City. And Harry was fighting off the troll in the girls' lavatory. We grabbed a quick breakfast before heading to the pier. Once we reached the pier, terminal fees are paid. Since the bus will be transported to us, we left with our valuables and started to walk to our ferry.

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I took the liberty in grabbing some snooze. For those who can't muster the courage to sleep in water vehicles, you can opt for the Sitting position. Ticket price varies, I decided to get the Sleeping kind to catch some much needed rest. Once I managed to clean off some grime from the rubber mattress, I was able to sleep for a few hours. When I woke up, we were barely minutes from San Carlos.

Tip: Bring your own wet wipes and alcohol. This is most useful when water is scarce. The comfort room on the ferry closed their water supply when we docked. Thank the heavens for wet wipes to answer random calls of nature.

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Once we disembarked, we waited for the Ceres bus and then we'd be in Bacolod after an hour or so.You get to pass Silay City, also hailed as the Paris of Negros with its ancestral buildings. I'd tell you about my trip in the next coming posts. Ceres bus from Cebu parks in the North Bus Terminal, a jeepney ride away from where I'd be staying for the time being. I asked the locals how to get there and rode a jeepney. After what seemed like 8 minutes, I was in downtown and located my home away from home.

The best way to roam a foreign city is to do an early morning tour. Grabbed my camera and headed out. Like hitting two birds with one stone, I took photos while checking where to eat breakfast.

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FTW! Blog, Photowalking in Bacolod, bacolod, photowalk, #ftwtravels
FTW! Blog, Photowalking in Bacolod, bacolod, photowalk, #ftwtravels

FTW! Blog, Photowalking in Bacolod, bacolod, photowalk, #ftwtravels

I opted to reside in the Ong Bun Pension House. Price is reasonable and they have cable TV too! It's a short walk to SM Bacolod and Manukan Country. The only challenge here in Bacolod is language: if you talk to them in hardcore Visayan, you most likely be replied in Hiligaynon. With little knowledge of the dialect, I opted to converse in Tagalog. 

Impressions? Quaint. Small. Amidst being in near the market, the place isn't that bad. I could feel that I was no longer in Cebu due to language barrier, but the people like most Filipinos never fail to smile to anyone. It felt just right. Bacolod, allow me to get to know you and your people. 


FTW! Blog, Photowalking in Bacolod, bacolod, photowalk, #ftwtravels

FTW! Blog, Photowalking in Bacolod, bacolod, photowalk, #ftwtravels

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