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Back story: I had a problem with my birth certificate. It is now fixed and the first time I landed a job and applied for a SSS number way back 2008. I was still with my first job out of college then and you had to walk in to government agencies to finish your requirements. I pleaded the SSS lady that I will furnish the necessary documents once I have the updated version of my birth certificate. You see, back then when you were born almost 80% of the time, information about your name, gender and even birthday is always inaccurate. I had my last name misspelled so I waited 4 years to get it fixed. Thanks to my mom who was able to do the necessary legal actions. 

I have been working for almost 5 years I believe and I thought, maybe I should get a SSS loan. Might as well get what I have been deducted all my life working my ass off. Since I had the problem with the temporary SSS number, then I had to fix that first before I file for the loan. Online loan mind you. Oh thank the seven gods for technology. This will be on different post. 

Too tired to visit and too impatient to fall in line, here we are in 2014 filing for an appointment to change my status. Let me show you how to set an appointment online to avoid the long queues and save your sanity cause it sure saved mine. :)

1. Head out to and log in to your account. If you do not have an existing login yet, please sign up for it. Ask your current employee number as this is a requirement during the sign up.

2. Once you login, please click on the Appointment System on the left side area below the Online Inquiry.
You have the option to select the date that are available which are in green. 

3. After selecting the date, you have a drop down for time schedules. Schedules are in intervals of an hour. TIP: Be there on your scheduled time. No point scheduling an appointment if you can't make it on time.

4. Then select your reason for the appointment. On the example below, I wanted to change my current SSS number to a temporary one. 

See all services on the drop down shown below.

5. Once done, fill out the Concern box with a brief description of your visit and click on Submit. The system will inform you that this will be forwarded to SSS and once you are certain, hit on OK.

6. Voila! It's that simple. You will get a confirmation successful message. You will receive a confirmation e-mail as well. TIP: Print out the confirmation message either from the SSS site or from your e-mail address used upon application of SSS online account. Bring this with you along with 2 valid photo IDs for confirmation.

7. Visit your SSS agency before your scheduled time and ask the guard where to go. I was informed that I need to ask for a form and fill it out. Once done, I can go right ahead to Counter 2 and submit my papers. 

I did everything and was happy that it only took 10 minutes for everything. Yes, I experienced some angsty look from old people. I could hear them saying that I cut the line. Well, in theory I was virtually in line since last week anyway. I left the agency skipping to Kara's for some freshly fried chicken.

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  1. In what counter service would I choose when I want to request SSS ID/UMID? Thanks!


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