Foodie. Fooder. Foodiest.

I was reading my past food reviews from way back and it's only until today that I realize that I have yet a lot of cuisine to try out. I remember talking to one of the Aznar sister's during ICAAC's 11th Food and Wine event last May what keeps me going as a blogger. To sum it up: it's my never ending search for education. When I grow senile and contemplate on how I lived my life, I could look back and say, I will never eat uni again. And that unfortunate event already happened back in college. Never again.

Wikipedia perfectly defined it out for me: A foodie seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out for convenience or hunger. 

Here is a clip from Howard Yu, a local animator. I'd also like to note that this video won 3rd place for the 1st National Digital Arts Awards of Globaltronics. The clip goes out to all foodies like me. :)


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