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We have experienced a few earthquakes in our lifetime and for me, this would be the most that I have had for this year and this goes for everyone. If only we are able to predict these from happening. Unfortunately, we cannot predict an earthquake however we can find ways to get by. Technology has made it easier for us to communicate and get the inforamtion with a push of a button or a tap on that touch screen phone of yours. Since our mobile phones are somewhat tied to our hips no matter how we deny it, let's try to put it to good use. Quakes are coming and going and it never fails to bring about anxiety. Lucky if you are on a moving vehicle which you can barely notice a thing. 

Here are a few apps you can download and could help you bigtime:

Earthquake by American Red Cross
First Aid by American Red Cross

These apps are available for Free for both Android and iOS users.

To download: Just head out to your iStore or Google Play and type in the keywords. you will see a wide array of apps free or paid. You can be crazy and select all and test them all out, so far these work best for me.

Application #1: Earthquake 

Once downloaded, just filter out your location and it would reflect the recent activities in your area. Please note that only 2+ or 4+ on the Richter Magnitude Scale will be posted. It doesn't show immediately the magnitude of the quake as it happens however it does show the information once available. The app can log 6 events at most.

Application #2: Earthquake by American Red Cross

What I love about this app is that they have tips on what to do during, right after and on the recovery stage of an earthquake. It's a great thing to have when everyone's panicking. Red Cross offers other Free apps for download. They have a hurricane, tornado, wildfire and an app to summon volunteers for blood donation or rescue teams. Ain't that amazing?! It sure is! 

There are exercises as well that you can read and answer to get a badge. During natural calamities, we always have to be alert and focused. 
Bonus Application #3. First Aid by American Red Cross

While we're at it, I also like to mention the First Aid app. I absolutely love this one. It's easy to use and they have everything categorized! I am a registered nurse however I am getting rusty with my fundamentals, this app will definitely recall back nostalgic memories and user friendly enough for the novice.

On the Learn tab, you can learn simple first aid for any of the listed categories. For example, you want to learn how to aid with a broken bone. There are items that have been shortlisted, should your need not on the listed options, you can always call 911 directly.

Emergency tab provides a faster approach during immediate concerns. There are videos as well for you to see if you are the visual kind of person. Fun fact, if you click on the Call 911 button, it would be directed your number pad with 911 automatically dialed in. Just click on call and you'd be able to contact someone for immediate help.

You can spare some space for these apps that can save lives rather than save your phone memory to 6 different photo app for your selfies. 

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