Of Zombies, Voodoo, Methamphetamine and Sherlock

I am a huge couch potato minus the couch cause I ain't got none. I follow a lot of TV Shows and I mean a lot! I never seem to run out of shows to watch actually. I do not settle for the pathetic, shameful local versions of great shows *coughs TheVoicePH! The boob tube ain't have to be all about mother's looking for their long lost daughter, son or dog. I have seen far better than the usual local scene.

TV prior to the great interwebs was the shizz back then and it doesn't have to end there. From old bulky and black and white TV sets to small compact phone and TV capable gadgets. For the purists who watches them directly from the intended appliance, the streamer that directly see it as it happens on his laptop and the lazies those who do not have enough patience for streaming and buffering, the download torrent type.

I am one of them lazies. I regret nothing! haha!

Obviously, I watch Top Chef, follow and ogle about the latest food trips from my personal hero and one of my favorite Foodie, Traveler and Chef - Tony Bourdain's Parts Unknown and yes, Masterchef which I recently got addicted to. Enough about food related programming. Here are the top 3 most awaited TV shows I am dying to see.

The Walking Dead - Season 4 starts October 14th.

I also watch the typical Zombie-ridden shows that well offer nothing but blood and all things action. This season, someone is feeding the zombies and they are gaining entrance. I hated the Governor from the previous season and if he shows himself this year I will have to samurai his head off.

American Horror Story Coven premiers October 9th.

I am truly amazed with how Ryan Murphy could create this twisted world totally opposite of the pompoms and show tunes! Yes. he is the same guy who brought you Glee and should you know Popular as well. The latter used to be my favorite TV Series way back in the 90s! If you have no idea what I am talking about then visit this link

This season is now set in New Orleans, yes voodoo and witchcraft is brewing on the cauldron. See what I did there? :D

When I watched the second trailer, Pins and Needles what struck  me was the song. I heard this somewhere and after a bit of research, it was the first few seconds of Winter Song from Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. I have a very keen sense of observation and I could say it is to my advantage. 

Breaking Bad

The promo delivers a thrilling introduction to the final run of episodes and it exemplifies what the show and its creator Vince Gilligan have been giving us for five seasons. I need to catch up! Season 5 begins tomorrow!

Say my Name, Bitch! Haha!

BONUS Trailer


This may come as a surprise but I am a huge Benedict Cumberbatch fan and BBC's version of Sherlock is way better than good wine quality Robert Downy Jr's version. What's not to love about Sherlock?

Return to my arms Sherlock. See you in the Fall.

My body is ready! I hope you get the reference. In any case, let the torrents seed! What TV Series are you looking forward to watch? Buzz me in the comment box below.

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