Blog Overhaul

I was searching for minimalist blogger templates on the interwebz and I finally downloaded around 8. After trying them one by one, I settled for this one. 

It was crisp and simple just the way I liked it. The previous blog template was my fun side. This time, I want to be seen as someone serious. :D

Honestly, I have been trying to edit the HTML codes on the previous blog and I can't seem to make a decent navigation bar with categories. Even my Asian Level skills in Google searching was not up to the challenge. Hence I uploaded a pre-made template instead.I am happy as a clam! :)

Other than the obvious reasons and my OCness, I wanted to have categories and sub menus on my blog. Something that I have been struggling for months has now flourished. I am more than happy! :)

You may or may not hover your mouse on the About and get to know The Author, The Blog and how to cyberstalk me.Yes, I gave you permission. :D

Along with the change, I finally opted to get a business card. I decided to get one now that there are so many blog events that I have RSVP-ed. It took me this long cause I felt that in a small way, I earned it. I'd like to think so too. 


  1. Congratulations on your new look! And don't forget to show up next time... ayaw na uwaw uwaw :-)


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