True Blood Season 6: Stake List

 June has finally come. I have two thoughts about it.

1. Christmas is almost near! YAAAY!

Yes, I am a true blood fanatic. As GOT is about to end yet another epic season, I'd move to Bon Temps for my Sunday night share of blood, sex and damn hot bods like Jason Stackhouse and oh so Eric Northman.

To open the season. Here are a few posters from their Facebook Page.

 Well, one things for sure. Eric is my "TO DO" list. Hahahah! ;D

Pam has to be my favorite character other than Tara who is practically bad ass. I like her crudeness and all out diva characteristics. Haha! Can't wait for the season to start! :D

And while waiting, show how waiting sucks (yes, pun is totally intended) by posting a photo of you with your fangs. Here are a few instructions in doing so. Don't forget the hashtag #ShowYourFangs

True Blood Season 6 premiers this Father's Day. June 16th at 9PM HBO.

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