FTW + Kameyaki Contest Winner

Today, I accompanied FTW + Kameyaki winner Febbe to claim her prize. Tokyo mode on. First photo is totally Instagram-worthy. In any case, you can follow my day with random mundane photos here: http://instagram.com/immangtikiya

We headed to Kameyaki to fill our hunger with savory food. I read from their Facebook Page that they now serve Yakitori, I knew I had to try that out.

FTW + Kameyaki Giveaway winner Febbe grinned as she received her Php500 GCs! :) For the list of winners, you can view it here: FTW + Kameyaki Promo Winners.

Instead of the Yakitori which was not available I opted for the Teriyakidon. A rice bowl with your choice of meat: chicken or pork. I selected pork just like what Uncle Bourdain would do in a heartbeat.

What I love about this dish is the rice. I am certain they use the Japanese rice that is hideously expensive! Thinly sliced pork tenders were savory, juicy and yes ever so delectable. I wished I had more. Oh well, maybe next time.
For the Spicy Ramen, well it was spicy. Hahaha! The broth had a hint of tamarind paste and it tasted a bit like dashi. The meat that came along with the bowl was rather tender and tasted divine. Pardon the photos, I know I need to get better quality food photos for you guys to drool on.

And lastly, since I missed the Takoyaki we ordered one! Yaaaay! Be careful in eating this little ball of fire as it is hot! Tasty and drizzled with their magic sauce, I devoured one til I wanted some more.

It was worth the longing. It has been awhile since I had some good Japanese food. Until the next time, Kameyaki!

Kameyaki Okonomiyaki
Piazza Elisia, Talamban
Cebu City
Business Hours: Daily 2:00PM -10:00PM
Contact Number: 0917-309-0949 or landline at (032) 406-0722

The Verdict:
Food: 7/5
Ambiance: 7/5

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  1. Yum yum yum!!! Wala pa gyapon ko ka try sa Kameyaki :-( I really should go there soon!


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