My Christmas

I have been spending Christmas over the confides of my workplace and this year was no exception. I spent it with my team. I have been handling a team of unruly, pesky and at times sweet. Haha! We decided to  have our own Secret Santa. 

Team Zealous by the way, I had to Google any adjective that suits myself and represents our team. Zealous fit to a T or so I would like to believe. 

We met in Yellowcab in IT Park. You see I have 20 agents however 16 of them are under my direct supervision. Others have been moved to a different campaign already which was never a problem since we all formed a sense of belonging and we had this sort of chemistry that never seem to falter. For a moment, I knew this group would be a handful and it still is yet they still manage to make me smile at the end of the day. The daily banter and laughing out loud times makes my day even more worthwhile. 

I told the gang to wear either Black or White and just like how the planets aligned about 80% came wearing black. 

I could not thank them for being part of my career growth and even though they are well a handful, they remain to be real and true to me. We communicate with no prejudice and treat everyone with utmost respect even if it does not really show. Hahahah! :)

This was how we spent our Christmas in the floor. We were given permission to bring in food and off I went to grab some popsicles! ♥

From Team Zealous, we wish you all a clean, fun and meaningful Christmas! :)

And just like that, I realized that we do not need to have new things in hand, gifts or whatever material thing money can buy all we need is each other to lean on to. There would be no greater gift than Friendship itself.

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