Bad Omens

August left us with a bang! I meant it with every sense of the world. We were in SM with a friend, eating dinner. Then suddenly, the ground started to shake. I looked over at the glass wall to the farthest right to see if it was shaking. It could be me all along. I hadn't had any meal since the day before so it could be a bout of hypoglycemia. When I see that the glass wall was shaking, "Naglinog." or "Earthquake." 

There I was deciding if I should stop eating and just go out. Half of my heart was telling me to stay and continue eating. I gave in to the latter. Almost half of the people left while I was wolfing down my dinner. When we got out, throngs of people scour for cabs and jeepneys to take them away from the area. Traffic was really bad and there were looks of panic, worry and all anxiety from people.

We finally arrived in IT Park where it seems like an evacuation area. Employees were evacuated down to the grounds when the quake subsided. They were waiting for their respective security personnel to announce that it was safe to be back in the office.

Amidst all the chaos, I stared blankly at how lovely the moon was that night. It was after all a Blue Moon. :)

Fast forward to September 4th. We were on the way to SM to buy baking items. Thank God we decided to ride a van on the way or else we wouldn't have survived the flood!

Natasha Cebu Office near SM
Road headed to SM Hypermarket
After the rain has seized, we needed to walk across LBC to get a ride towards IT Park. Then these rainmen came to rescue the day. They offer a small pedicab for a cheap price of Php10 per passenger. Each can carry 4 passengers. We opted for this one rather than wade over murky muddy waters. Heck, I was heading to work then. I gotta keep dry. Eventually, we arrived at the jeepney stop and thank these rascals for their service. 

Heavy traffic stalled most of the 04L jeepneys. We stopped near Neo Neo Grill since the vehicle that we were occupying died! Gaaah! We then opted to walk. It was a very eventful week. 


Who knows what happens next?


  1. ingnan taka.. basin tinuod tong 2012. :|

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