No Reservations at Lantaw

I was invited to eat out for dinner. It was for a birthday. They have decided to visit Lantaw and see what the hype was all about. Traveling 4 kilometers from where I was residing, we got to the place. It was packed! There was parked cars everywhere! OMG! We should have reserved our seats. Hoping against all hope that we could somehow manage to find a table, it was a lost cause.

It looked like that of Survivor, where you vote off castaways. :P
So yes, lesson learned. We left with grumbling tummies and decided to find another place to dine in. I tried calling their number which I manage to find in Foursquare and the phone lines were busy since 4PM. I reckon it's best to book in the morning. Next time, maybe next time we'd be able to dine and enjoy the place. 

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