Farewell Leyte

This is the last post for the The Journey to My Family's Roots Travel Series. I wish I could stay longer in the cold morning air that Baybay,Leyte has to offer. Since reality bites and I miss the strong reliable Globe signal,  I had to go back to Cebu. 

Remember the impulsive ticket buying I did at the last post? I am here for thrill of a ride! After securing tickets for Cebu, I decided to just dash and run when I get home. After Te Bebeng bought enough supplies for dinner, we took a small multicab and headed back to out transient home. After arriving, I decided to gather the little things I have: the big white bag, my trusty grey hoddie, a bottle of water and some biscuits my cousin prepared for me. 

I bid farewell to cousins and aunts and paid my respects to my grandfather. Cherry accompanied me outside while we waited for the last bus to pass by. After a few minutes of waiting and hoping against all hope that I would make it, the bus finally came!

Cruising past BayBay, Leyte.
You know you are near the city proper when you see the Rose Bakeshop that brags about it's free Wifi access! :P

The bus took me to the terminal which was only a few meters to the pier and to nearby fastfood chains. I took a quick stop at Jollibee and grabbed a few tummy filling items to last me the whole night. The journey back to Cebu is approximately about 8 hours, so I might as well get as much food than buying off the vessel's overpriced menu.
Walked out with a Palabok Meal, Tuna Pie and a Large Sprite with no ice and headed to Port of Baybay.
After a half sprint half skipping travel by foot, I made it just in time.

The bay area.

Terminal Fee is only Php15! :)
Hello there, LapuLapu Ferry 8 and farewell Leyte!

The Php380 decks with TV and air-condition! :)
Really cheap for an almost 8 hour ride! :P
Getting ready for bed. This is gonna be an all nighter. 
So after I freshen up at the cabin comfort room with shower heads, I decided to eat my dinner and watched TV. I waited for the Sandman to give me sweet dreams and boy was he fast! I fell asleep and the moment I woke up, I was at Cebu already! I felt rejuvenated and well-rested.  It was a great way to revive my energy and was a peaceful voyage.
Pier 2 at night.

Welcome back to Sugbo! :)

I arrived in Cebu at about 4:45AM. Hailed a cab and paid for almost Php150 ride from Pier 2 to Lapu-Lapu. Decided to sleep again at the comforts of my own bed. :)

The Journey to My Family's Roots

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