7 Eleven Cebu Opening!

Oh yes! The quintessential convenience store is finally in Cebu! Almost like our local Three Sixty Pharmacy, there is always one branch in every corner! :)
Weeks before, I noticed that there is a huge tarpaulin wrapping a Star Mart in Banilad with glasses of slurpee and a "Know What Cool Tastes Like. Soon." advert.

First thing that pop to my head was, "Ohh, I hope it would be like 7/11 slurpees!" I never thought it would be 7/11!
UCLM branch now open! :P
I was on my way to SM and then I saw that they have opened! What perfect timing! July 11, 2012. 7-11-2012! 7 Eleven! I see what you did there! ;) Great news for students and insomniacs alike! The place is a wonderland for anything from coffee, ice cold drinks and even value meals! I am excited for it had been ages since I last visited a branch in Manila! I was like around 9 years old and now I am... never mind. HA!
Reclamation branch is yet to open.
Here is a list of  branches: 
  • Near Ayala right beside Tune hotel
  • JY Square
  • Across UCLM heading Old Bridge is now open
  • Caltex Reclamation 
  • Caltex Banilad
  • Mango Avenue
  • Capitol Site heading NBI
  • Escario near McDonald's which is now open for business.


  1. Please do support 7/11. They treat their employees with dignity. nothing compared to 360 who hires and fires employees!

  2. I always love 7-Eleven!


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